Mommy + Baby Faves: 7-9 Months

Sorry for the delay! I'm back for another update of my favorite things for my baby girl. Devereaux is now 10 months and getting so big so fast! (I need time to slow down) If you haven't checked out the previous post, see it here. Below are the items that worked for us during months 7-9. Enjoy!

- Devi is still drinking her formula and eating Gerber 2nd Foods fruit and veggie blends as well as some table foods. She has a total of 6 teeth now and chews on EVERYTHING she can get her hands on. I introduced baby snacks as well that she has been loving, especially the Lil' Crunchies mild cheddar cheese puffs.

Hair Care/Bath Time:
- I have changed up her hair regimen somewhat by adding in a few new products. Devi's hair has a very dry patch right in the middle of her head and I needed more moisture. I went into my stash and began using Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk. I primarily use this as a leave-in. I also started using a favorite of mine, Bask and Bloom Mango Castor Twisting Creme for styling as well. It's heavier and provides the moisture her thirsty curls need. I've seen major improvement in the way her hair looks and feels. For detangling, I love the Suave Kids Frozen Detangler Spray (on her hair and mine!) and I either finger detangle or detangle very gently with a Denman brush.
-I found the cutest little bath tub at our favorite store, Target! It is the Muchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Safety Baby Bath Tub and it has a sensor to tell you whether the bath water is too hot or just right. It's just the cutest think ever.

-With her skin being so sensitive, I have switched diapers again to the Huggies Little Movers diapers and as per her doctor, eliminated wipes unless we are out and about. I only use paper towels and warm water to clean her at home. The wipes I use are Water Wipes. They are 99% water and 1% Grape seed Extract. These last us a long time because I use them sparingly. A tip for these wipes: don't transfer them into a wipe holder or anything like that. They have been known to grow mold so it's best to keep them in their original packaging.

Play/On The Move:
- Nothing has really changed as far as her toys go. See previous post here for more details on her favorites. She is way more active and crawling and pulling herself up to stand. It's only a matter of time before she is walking! She is attracted to music and singing so I am trying to get any and every baby musical instrument in her hands.
- A few toys she has received recently have been the Tickle Me Elmo  (I know this is for older kids, but it's nostalgic so I wanted one for her now *shrug*), the Vtech Brilliant Baby Laptop (which she loves!), and the Frozen and Moana microphones just for the music (these are her current favorite movies. She stops everything she's doing to watch them).

Stay tuned for the New Year post from 10-12 months!

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