Semi-Defined Perm Rod Set on TWA

Hey Loves!

So, I finally did something with my hair! I have been neglecting styling (not care) for a while because, honestly, I haven't felt like dealing with it and the longer my hair gets, the more the maintenance and I am so close to chopping this off again. However, I am getting back in the swing of things on my blog and channel. 
(videos coming soon, bare with me, y'all)

I did this style a day ago and it's been holding up nicely!
It's a perm rod set/twist-out on freshly shampooed hair. 
I love the look of a perm rod set as it gives more definition to my curls. To keep me from looking like Shirley Temple and looking like I have a wig on, I like to pick the curls out more than usual for a more natural look.

I used the white rods on the sides and back and then the larger purple rods up the middle to add dimension. Before rolling, I let my hair air dry for about an hour so that it was damp and not soaking wet so it could dry thoroughly overnight. The products I used to style was the Eden Bodywork Jojoba Monoi All Natural Hair Milk and my Denman Brush . I found that this product left a little residue in my hair so I may just use this for something else instead and use a wrapping foam next time. 
Trial and error!

All and all, the style came out really cute and defined. It will also hold up a few days without having to set it again. Also, my color is STILL popping from March! Shoutout to my stylist in Houston, Karess. 

I have a true little TWA (teeny weeny afro) now and it's reminding me of the days where I was first natural and growing out my hair. It's in the awkward phase too, which is tough for styling and I may be cutting it off again. I love the long natural hair look but the maintenance is a beast I am not ready to tame! 

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*This post is NOT sponsored. The product(s) were purchased with my own money and opinions are all my own*

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