Mommy + Baby Faves: 4-6 Months

I'm back for another update of my favorite things for my baby girl now that she is 7 months! If you haven't checked out the first post, see it here. Below are the items that worked for us during months 4-6. Enjoy!

- Still using the same bottles and formula (Infamil A.R. & now the generic brand as well to same some coins, same difference) for feeding. We have also started her on baby food! So far she is eating only the Gerber 2nd Foods and her faves include pears, apples, oatmeal mixed with fruit, mango pineapple, peas, sweet potatoes, and Hawaiian delight.
- She has 2 teeth now and loves to gnaw on fruit. I found this really cool contraption, the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder, from Target that allows her to chew on a piece of fruit but prevents choking. She loves to chew on pineapples and watermelon (no seeds of course!)

- This isn't a "product" but more of an update. Devi has been sleeping more soundly through the night now with the exception of a few nights when she doesn't eat enough before bed or has a full diaper. She has a crib but doesn't sleep in it; she only want to sleep with me and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Hair Care:
- I'm going to add a new category to the list and that's hair care. I have been trying different natural hair products on her and I think I have found a combo that works! My mom usually does her hair after I take her a bath (we tag team lol). So far the products that work are, Baby Magic Original Scent Baby Lotion (let me explain, it really does so well in her hair and defines her curls beautifully), Oyin Handmade Hair Dew Lotion for moisture, and then recently my mom tried some old school Pink Oil Moisturizer and her curls were poppin'! I'm excited to be able to take care of her hair as she gets older and her hair continues to grow!

- I've switched to the Up & Up brand from Target (yes, we shop here a lot) for her diapers. They are cheaper and work just as well as the name brands. I'm a mommy on a budget and am not going to just pay for a name, okay?! I still buy the Pampers Sensitive wipes however, because they are the only wipes that don't irritate her little tush.

Play/On The Move:
- Devi still loves her YouTube videos during the day. She gets fussy if we don't turn them on for her. Haha! Lately, she has been watching the Super Simple Songs channel. She also watches the PBS Kids channel and loves Arthur, Daniel Tiger & Super Why.
- A friend of ours gave her a baby jumper (I'm not sure the name of it but you can get a similar one here) and she LOVES this thing. It's so cute to see her get so excited jumping around!
- She also received a walker that she is starting to move around in. She only pushes herself backward for now.
- Teething has begun, so the teething toys are in abundance over here. These are the ones we have gotten her - here, here (this one is my fave so that she won't chew on my jewelry) & here.
- Since Devi loves music, she also has a few musical toys that she has been enjoying. The Baby Einstein Click & Discover Remote is a fun one! I love getting her educational toys and this one teaches 3 different languages (English, Spanish & French) as well as plays music.

Devi (at 4 Months) and Mommy 

Be back again in a few months with more!

This year is flying by...

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