6 Months Flew By....

My baby girl is 6 months (officially on July 2nd)!
Time really flies.
Devereaux is a happy, healthy, lovable little baby girl!

I decided to be that extra mom who will celebrate at every 3 month mark (3,6,9, then of course 12), dress her up, take lots of pictures, and get her a cake, mostly for mommy (haha!) I found a vanilla pudding baby food substitute that tastes like the cake for her.
She is growing so fast and only gets this time once!

Deveareaux @ 6 months:


Laughing and smiling (she is such a happy baby)
Jumping around in her jumper
Pears, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes & Peas
Cold fruit to gnaw on
Screaming & "Talking" 
Blowing raspberries and spitting
Car rides
Being rocked to sleep by mommy only (haha)
Watching Sesame Street, Super Why, Arthur, baby songs on YouTube and (believe it or not) she loves to watch Jeopardy
Playing with and "eating" the remote control (so her aunt bought her a toy one!)
Literally chewing on & putting EVERYTHING in her mouth
Taking naps
Mommy's singing and all music
Spending time with her grandmother, her "BiBi" 
(and making mommy look bad! She'll cry with me then when her BiBi enters the room, she'll stop. LOL)
Taking baths and splashing in the pool
Taking pictures
Being around people (she's a people baby lol)


Tummy time (though she has started rolling herself over YAY!)
Going to bed at night....still lol
Staying in a wet/dirty diaper for too long. She likes to be changed immediately

A part of me doesn't want her to grow up but then I can't wait to see her little personality continue to shine and the woman she will one day become.
I love my baby girl!

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