Current Reads: "Lies Women Believe...And The TRUTH That Sets Them Free"

So, I'm not about to write a whole book review (because I'm not finished yet! lol) but ladies, you MUST get this book. I found Lies Women Believe (And The Truth That Sets Them Free) by accident. I was shopping at Hobby Lobby and I noticed the "teen" version of the same book. I didn't know that at the time until I started reading. I posted it on Instagram with the caption "This is for teens, but I wish I had something like this when I was growing up. Probably would have avoided most of my 'mistakes'." I was then told about the grown-woman version and let me tell you, this book could not be more TRUE. It is wrecking my life y'all, in an amazing way. Nancy Leigh Demoss (Wolgemuth) is woman after God's own heart and uses the Word of God to question and correct the reader with LOVE. 

Shop Lies Women Believe (And The Truth That Sets Them Free) here.
(I also bought the companion workbook to go along with it and will be starting that soon)

Also, check out Nancy's website, Revive Our Hearts, here.

Happy Reading!

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