New Hair Color + Hair Updates

So, I just realized that I never did an update on my new hair color! Well, I posted about it on Instagram but for those who don't have one or don't follow me (you should!), here's more deets!

I went against myself...again. I said I wasn't going to color my hair anymore. Y'all know I can't make a decision about my hair! C'mon! I'm always switching it up. 

My color was done by Karess The Stylist, my stylist in Houston, TX. She KNOWS color. I mean she's someone who colors her own hair monthly! My biggest thing with going lighter was that I didn't want the crispy-crunchy mess that was my blonde when I colored my hair in 2011. Goodness gracious, THAT was a mess. 
I didn't want to go too light because of that fear, so we opted for a lighter brown with honey blonde highlights. I'm LOVING my new color. 

I also cut my hair back into a tapered shape. I was in that awkward mini-fro stage and yeah, no. Been there, done that and would rather have a more uniform cut. (Different strokes for different folks)

Since my hair grows so fast, (thanks pregnancy hormones!) I can see some of my natural dark brown peeking through. I think it'll look so cute even when the blonde really starts growing out.

With blonde hair color, the key is to keep it SUPER moisturized. So, I have been using the John Frieda Sheer Blonde for Darker Blondes shampoo and conditioner. It also keeps highlights brighter! 
I still co-wash sometimes and I like to use my old faithful, Hello Hydration by Herbal Essences.
For styling, I'm using a few new items that I have been loving from the Purpose Kollection, Bekekoa and Bask & Bloom hair care brands! I'll provide more styling details in a later post.

I do a lot with my hair but one thing I can be sure of is that I love short hair. Especially with my new mommy duties. So that will definitely be staying. 
Matter of fact I need a haircut now! 

Lipcolor: LAX by ColourPop


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