Mommy + Baby Faves: 0-3 Months

I'm new at this mommy game. I've been loving the daily discovery of my sweet baby's likes and dislikes. She was blessed with some amazing products and we discovered a few on our own that have helped to make our lives a little easier. I will be updating with faves all the way through 12 months.

Below are some of our favorite things, you may know of some or you won't, either way, these may help you or a mom you know!

-Devi is loving her Philips AVENT bottles for feeding time with a slow flow nipple. These bottles have helped her with gas and spit up which she struggled with in the first month.
-Infamil A.R. is my formula of choice for her. At first, I was skeptical because it was so thick and her poop changed! She had issues with spit up coming through her nose and choking incidents when I was breastfeeding and supplementing so her doctor recommended a thicker formula. I decided to stop breastfeeding and exclusively feed her formula. (Will discuss in later post) All is back to normal and the thickness of the milk has definitely helped her.

-It's a common suggestion to play a white noise machine/app for the baby to get to sleep and stay asleep. I discovered the White Noise app for iPhone and not only does it have the "white noise" sound but about 20 other sounds as well. From "airplane interior" to "tibetan bowl chime" to "purple" and "brown" noise, I loved to experiment with different sounds for her to fall asleep to.
-In the first few weeks after I discovered her reflux issue, I was told to sit her up for a little while after feeding to prevent spit-up. I love to prop her up on the Boppy pillow. It's also great for feeding and tummy time!

-Pampers Swaddlers are my favorite brand of diapers for Devi. I like the way they fit her and I can count on one hand how many poop-splosions she's had! They also have a wetness indicator where the yellow (dry) line will turn blue when wet which helps a lot.
-My wipes of choice for her are the Pampers Sensitive Wipes. They don't contain harsh ingredients and are perfect for sensitive baby skin.
-Aquaphor Baby Ointment is the greatest. I use the original formula for my lips and areas on my body so when I found the baby version, I was thrilled! I apply just a little to her tiny tush to keep chaffing at bay.

-Carters socks (0-3mo) are the only socks that would stay on her little feet. My baby girl has tiny feet. All her newborn socks but these would slip right off. I will say that at the 3 month mark, they did get a little tight, so prepare to upgrade to 3-6mo. It's the formula, I tell ya!
-Onesies galore! She would blow through like 5 or 6 daily.

-Uniqua is the name my mom and I gave her Unicorn security blanket from Target. She loves to cuddle with her sometimes.
-Devi loves the videos from the KidsTV123 channel on YouTube. I play her the songs when she's fussy and she immediately stops to pay attention. Her favorites are Colors Song 2, Shapes Song 2, and Phonics Song 2.

On The Move:
-My grandfather calls Devi's Graco FastAction Jogger Click Connect Travel System her "Cadillac" because it's fully equipped and rather large. However, it's compact enough to fit in my Altima's trunk space. I love the jogging stroller look (even though mama ain't joggin' nowhere lol) and how it will fit into tight spaces when in motion.

Comment below your baby faves!

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