Tips For Finding A Great Barber/Stylist & Getting A Tapered Cut You'll Love

Its heating up outside! You know what that means, less clothes and less HAIR! 2016 is the year of the tapered cut! OG naturals are cutting their hair shorter and newbies are just trying to find a style that fits their head shape. Whatever the case, you must first find the RIGHT hair professional. Check out a few of my tips on finding a stylist/barber and having everyone wanting to rock your 'do! 

1. ASK. 
Almost everybody you know, know's someone who gets their hair cut by a barber or stylist. Finding a good, no, great barber is all trial and error. You probably will go through some bad cuts once or twice before finding a good fit. It's the tapered cut circle of life. (Just kidding, y'all) You can absolutely find a gem on your first visit to a barber shop/salon, but you MUST first do your research. I found my stylist through social media and looking through a website called I'll get into the importance of a stylist/barber having a social media account in tip #2.

2. When you find a potential hair professional, ask for pictures of their work.
It's 2016. If you find a barber and he/she says to you, "I'm not on Facebook, Instagram, etc.", I would steer clear. I know social media isn't for everyone but as a business owner, I think it absolutely should be! One of the FIRST questions you should ask is to see pictures of haircuts, even if you have your own picture as a guide. Don't go off of WORDS and promises. "Oh I'm the best in *insert city here*", uhhh, show me the RECEIPTS! 
Hashtags are one of the best ways to find local barbers/stylist. Facebook even has them now and the business savvy stylist will have one they use on almost every pic. A few examples, #bestbarberHTown, #OKCBarber, #ATLLadyBarber. They can open a whole new search for you with addresses and all. Once you find the pictures, determine whether their cutting style is for you. Also, if you find a cut you like before finding your stylist, contact the person and ask where they got their hair done. Boom. Easy! 

3. Lastly, you need to make sure whoever is cutting your hair follows YOUR instructions. 
It's your head and your style. 
I don't trust just anybody with my hair and I've had one too many bad cuts in my short time of being a tapered tenderoni. I remember last summer, I got my hair cut and it was soooooo bad I had to FILL IN the BALD spots with eyeliner. It grew back in 2 weeks, but, the horror! Don't let this be you.
I believe you should audition multiple stylists/barbers. They are working for YOU. Don't ever let anybody TELL you how they are going to style your hair. Always be respectful of their expertise but remember they don't have to walk around with your hairstyle, YOU DO. 

I hope these tips help! 
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