3 Things You Should Do Before Cutting Your Hair!

Tapered cuts are all the rave in the natural hair community. It seems as if everyone is ditching their long locks for a cute short do. You may be wanting to try a new short style, but have a little apprehension, or you may be ready to just go all the way! Whatever the case, I have three tips that you should consider doing before the big chop:


The first thing you should do is research hairstylists in your area. This will make or break your style. There is nothing worse than getting a bad haircut by an inexperienced or lazy stylist. I can't say this enough, KNOW YOUR STYLIST.
Next, research haircuts that match your face shape. If you have a heart shaped face, look at cuts on heart shaped faces; if you have a round face, look for cuts that look best on a round face, etc. This will help narrow down looks and prevent a potential hair disaster.
Know whether you want to shave your hair or not. This is also important. You don't want to show your stylist a picture of a style you love and then hear the buzzing of clippers. Make that perfectly clear whether your want scissors and/or clippers.
Last but not least, check out some YouTube videos! There are thousands of  informational videos about tapered cuts and TWA's. The possibilities are endless!

I have compiled a Pinterest board full of my favorite tapered cuts, including ones that inspired my hair cut. You may even see a familiar face! :-)

Follow Alexandria's board TAPERED on Pinterest.  


For some ladies, cutting their hair is a big life step. As women, most of us are naturally attached to our hair, and cutting it off is going to be an extremely emotional experience. If you feel overwhelmed after getting to the salon and seeing the scissors, stop your stylist before he/she starts the style. Never let family, friends, a pushy hairdresser, etc, force a style (especially a haircut) on you that you are uneasy about. Listen to your gut. Talk to someone, get all the advice you can and then make your final decision.


When you do make the final decision to cut your hair, remember to R-E-L-A-X. You will look stylish and sexy in your new do! So rock it!!! Accessorize it. Put on your makeup. Go shopping for some new edgy outfits. There's only one you, and nobody will rock your hairstyle like Y-O-U!!!


  1. I have been natural for almost 10 years, and i just got my hair tapered about a month ago and I LOVE it!!! I knew it was time to cut my hair because I was not nervous one bit about it, I was ready to see myself with short hair. Even before I went natural, I was known as "Tia with the long hair". Ppl are shocked that I did it, especially my mama, but I'm so glad I did and wish I would have a long time ago lol.

    But my question to you is: Where did you get your hair cut?? I live 11 hours away from where I initially got mine cut, and I can't drive back to my home state just for a hair cut. It's already growing out after 1 month and I want I short again lol. I will be in Texas area in the next months so I am ok with traveling to get my hair cut. Thanks!

    1. Congrats on cutting your hair! I got my hair cut in Downtown Delray Beach, FL earlier this year. Every once in awhile i'll visit a barber to shape me up.

  2. Your hair is beautiful. I found you from instagram, awesome blog. Girl you make me want to go natural..

    Stay blessed

  3. I totally agree with everything you recommended. When I first got my hair cut I showed your picture to the stylist...front, back and sides. I did not know the stylist and he cut my hair all the way wrong. I was like what picture was he looking at? I wore a scarf on my head for a week and did not leave the house unless I had to! I then went to a barber to "fix" my cut and it is growing back fabulously! AND I am rockin the mess out of this cut gurl! Thank you for the inspiration!


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