My 2015 Updated Hair Regimen (Pic Heavy)

Hey loves!

I recently cut my hair (last week) and I am loving the short hair life so far!! My hair regimen hasn't changed much but I did add a few new products to the line up. I like to keep my regimen very simple. I know what works and what doesn't and that makes it easier to choose the products I use. Trust me, I've used a little bit of everything from almost every "natural hair" line. I truly believe that when you find out what ingredients/formulation works for you, your product junkie days are over!

I start with a weekly cleanse and condition. Yes, I shampoo my hair every week with a mild shampoo. I condition my hair twice a week with my regular conditioner and a deep conditioner/protein. I follow up every time I wash with a leave in conditioner and my various moisture products. Occasionally, I apply a gel for more hold and definition. You don't need a million and one products to achieve healthy hair, just a consistent regimen. Oh, and don't forget to drink your water and eat your veggies!

Read on for my current product list.....

Shampoo & Conditioner

Deep Conditioner/Protein

Leave-In Conditioner 


Love, Kenzie B. Creamy Hair Butter - $15.00 (8oz)

Gel & Edge Control

I'm not married to any product and my line up changes all the time. I'm no product junkie though!!! :)

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