A Woman Who Cuts Her Hair || All About My Tapered Cut

I did it! I cut my hair after growing it out for almost 5 years! I even shaved my sides. Go BIG or Go home! 

 Inspired by numerous FAB tapered cuts on Instagram and Pinterest and the humid heat of the south, I decided to trade in my long locks for a funky tapered coif. 

Hello Spring/Summer stylin'!
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Now, if you know me or watch my videos, I was so against letting stylists in my hair after many fiascos with salon visits. Ain't nobody got time for ANOTHER hack job. Le sigh.
I got my hair cut by Tericka of Lavish Beauty Lounge in Delray Beach, FL after being referred to her by my aunt. Her amazing styling skills and personable demeanor made my experience comfortable and enjoyable. Ladies, you know that when we entrust someone with "the precious" aka our hair and they ROCK it, we become the most loyal client/customer ever! I may just have to fly down here to let her do my hair every time! Ok, that may be team-too-much but she's just that good! 
Below are some pics of my new cut! It's so edgy and sexy and I am in L-O-V-E! 



  1. What's your YouTube link? Awesome tips. I'm in love with your hair ��.

  2. Love it. Going tomorrow for. A tapered cut.


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