Happy New Year! Devereaux is ONE! + Pics From Her Birthday Party

Happy New Year! 2018! WOW, time is moving FAST. 

Devereaux's first birthday was on January 2nd but she has had several celebrations already starting on December 30th! 

For her first celebration, we opted for a small get-together at her paternal grandparents home (after a struggle to secure other plans -- mommy's fault!) and everything turned out just fine. 

We saved money by shopping at Wal*Mart and Dollar Tree for all of her party needs. We even decorated her Frozen themed cake ourselves (sort-of). This blue pre-iced cake proved to be perfect with the Ana, Elsa, and Olaf figurines we found on the toy aisle. Add those to the middle of the cake, then add the traditional "1" and voila! Saved a bunch of coin, okay! 

Check out the rest of the pics below.

She really loved this cake!

Devi loved opening her gifts when she wasn't distracted by another one of her favorite movies, "Moana", on the TV screen!

She didn't know how to use this one just yet, but now she can't get enough of everyone pushing her around on her lion!

Our dresses are from Target. I loved how they were the same color and style, so we just had to be matching; gold accessories and all! The color yellow is also in remembrance of my Mamaw who passed early last year whose birthday was just 6 days after Devi's. It was her favorite color.

Here's to year ONE! 

Mommy + Baby Faves: 7-9 Months

Sorry for the delay! I'm back for another update of my favorite things for my baby girl. Devereaux is now 10 months and getting so big so fast! (I need time to slow down) If you haven't checked out the previous post, see it here. Below are the items that worked for us during months 7-9. Enjoy!

- Devi is still drinking her formula and eating Gerber 2nd Foods fruit and veggie blends as well as some table foods. She has a total of 6 teeth now and chews on EVERYTHING she can get her hands on. I introduced baby snacks as well that she has been loving, especially the Lil' Crunchies mild cheddar cheese puffs.

Hair Care/Bath Time:
- I have changed up her hair regimen somewhat by adding in a few new products. Devi's hair has a very dry patch right in the middle of her head and I needed more moisture. I went into my stash and began using Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk. I primarily use this as a leave-in. I also started using a favorite of mine, Bask and Bloom Mango Castor Twisting Creme for styling as well. It's heavier and provides the moisture her thirsty curls need. I've seen major improvement in the way her hair looks and feels. For detangling, I love the Suave Kids Frozen Detangler Spray (on her hair and mine!) and I either finger detangle or detangle very gently with a Denman brush.
-I found the cutest little bath tub at our favorite store, Target! It is the Muchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Safety Baby Bath Tub and it has a sensor to tell you whether the bath water is too hot or just right. It's just the cutest think ever.

-With her skin being so sensitive, I have switched diapers again to the Huggies Little Movers diapers and as per her doctor, eliminated wipes unless we are out and about. I only use paper towels and warm water to clean her at home. The wipes I use are Water Wipes. They are 99% water and 1% Grape seed Extract. These last us a long time because I use them sparingly. A tip for these wipes: don't transfer them into a wipe holder or anything like that. They have been known to grow mold so it's best to keep them in their original packaging.

Play/On The Move:
- Nothing has really changed as far as her toys go. See previous post here for more details on her favorites. She is way more active and crawling and pulling herself up to stand. It's only a matter of time before she is walking! She is attracted to music and singing so I am trying to get any and every baby musical instrument in her hands.
- A few toys she has received recently have been the Tickle Me Elmo  (I know this is for older kids, but it's nostalgic so I wanted one for her now *shrug*), the Vtech Brilliant Baby Laptop (which she loves!), and the Frozen and Moana microphones just for the music (these are her current favorite movies. She stops everything she's doing to watch them).

Stay tuned for the New Year post from 10-12 months!

Tapered Cut: All The Way Around Just To End Up Back Here...

The tapered cut is back again!
I just couldn't stay away from the scissors and the little mini-fro was a no-no. I just wasn't feeling it anymore and these days, I don't have the patience nor the time for growing and maintaining a lot of hair. 

Tericka (@styles_by_tericka) did the cut. If you remember this post she did the initial cut as well. 
I always love seeing Tericka, she's a wonderful stylist who is all about the happiness of her clients.
She even named this cut after me! How cool is that?! 

I've also made my return to YouTube so expect to see lots more videos on my haircut and styling!

Our Day At The Beach

Hey Loves!

The summer has quickly gone by and before it's all over, we just had to get to the beach! My mom, Devi & I enjoyed a mid-day vacay overlooking the beautiful blue waters of West Palm Beach, FL eating fruit and getting our feet burned by the sand (it was HOT)! We enjoyed ourselves (and our tans) and most of all Devi loved every second. See more pics below:

This was Devi's first beach trip! She wasn't afraid of the water and was intrigued by the sand (of course she tried to eat it!)
Playing in the water

He leads me beside still waters; He restores my soul.
Psalm 23:2-3

Semi-Defined Perm Rod Set on TWA

Hey Loves!

So, I finally did something with my hair! I have been neglecting styling (not care) for a while because, honestly, I haven't felt like dealing with it and the longer my hair gets, the more the maintenance and I am so close to chopping this off again. However, I am getting back in the swing of things on my blog and channel. 
(videos coming soon, bare with me, y'all)

I did this style a day ago and it's been holding up nicely!
It's a perm rod set/twist-out on freshly shampooed hair. 
I love the look of a perm rod set as it gives more definition to my curls. To keep me from looking like Shirley Temple and looking like I have a wig on, I like to pick the curls out more than usual for a more natural look.

I used the white rods on the sides and back and then the larger purple rods up the middle to add dimension. Before rolling, I let my hair air dry for about an hour so that it was damp and not soaking wet so it could dry thoroughly overnight. The products I used to style was the Eden Bodywork Jojoba Monoi All Natural Hair Milk and my Denman Brush . I found that this product left a little residue in my hair so I may just use this for something else instead and use a wrapping foam next time. 
Trial and error!

All and all, the style came out really cute and defined. It will also hold up a few days without having to set it again. Also, my color is STILL popping from March! Shoutout to my stylist in Houston, Karess. 

I have a true little TWA (teeny weeny afro) now and it's reminding me of the days where I was first natural and growing out my hair. It's in the awkward phase too, which is tough for styling and I may be cutting it off again. I love the long natural hair look but the maintenance is a beast I am not ready to tame! 

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more hair looks!

*This post is NOT sponsored. The product(s) were purchased with my own money and opinions are all my own*

Mommy + Baby Faves: 4-6 Months

I'm back for another update of my favorite things for my baby girl now that she is 7 months! If you haven't checked out the first post, see it here. Below are the items that worked for us during months 4-6. Enjoy!

- Still using the same bottles and formula (Infamil A.R. & now the generic brand as well to same some coins, same difference) for feeding. We have also started her on baby food! So far she is eating only the Gerber 2nd Foods and her faves include pears, apples, oatmeal mixed with fruit, mango pineapple, peas, sweet potatoes, and Hawaiian delight.
- She has 2 teeth now and loves to gnaw on fruit. I found this really cool contraption, the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder, from Target that allows her to chew on a piece of fruit but prevents choking. She loves to chew on pineapples and watermelon (no seeds of course!)

- This isn't a "product" but more of an update. Devi has been sleeping more soundly through the night now with the exception of a few nights when she doesn't eat enough before bed or has a full diaper. She has a crib but doesn't sleep in it; she only want to sleep with me and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Hair Care:
- I'm going to add a new category to the list and that's hair care. I have been trying different natural hair products on her and I think I have found a combo that works! My mom usually does her hair after I take her a bath (we tag team lol). So far the products that work are, Baby Magic Original Scent Baby Lotion (let me explain, it really does so well in her hair and defines her curls beautifully), Oyin Handmade Hair Dew Lotion for moisture, and then recently my mom tried some old school Pink Oil Moisturizer and her curls were poppin'! I'm excited to be able to take care of her hair as she gets older and her hair continues to grow!

- I've switched to the Up & Up brand from Target (yes, we shop here a lot) for her diapers. They are cheaper and work just as well as the name brands. I'm a mommy on a budget and am not going to just pay for a name, okay?! I still buy the Pampers Sensitive wipes however, because they are the only wipes that don't irritate her little tush.

Play/On The Move:
- Devi still loves her YouTube videos during the day. She gets fussy if we don't turn them on for her. Haha! Lately, she has been watching the Super Simple Songs channel. She also watches the PBS Kids channel and loves Arthur, Daniel Tiger & Super Why.
- A friend of ours gave her a baby jumper (I'm not sure the name of it but you can get a similar one here) and she LOVES this thing. It's so cute to see her get so excited jumping around!
- She also received a walker that she is starting to move around in. She only pushes herself backward for now.
- Teething has begun, so the teething toys are in abundance over here. These are the ones we have gotten her - here, here (this one is my fave so that she won't chew on my jewelry) & here.
- Since Devi loves music, she also has a few musical toys that she has been enjoying. The Baby Einstein Click & Discover Remote is a fun one! I love getting her educational toys and this one teaches 3 different languages (English, Spanish & French) as well as plays music.

Devi (at 4 Months) and Mommy 

Be back again in a few months with more!

This year is flying by...

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6 Months Flew By....

My baby girl is 6 months (officially on July 2nd)!
Time really flies.
Devereaux is a happy, healthy, lovable little baby girl!

I decided to be that extra mom who will celebrate at every 3 month mark (3,6,9, then of course 12), dress her up, take lots of pictures, and get her a cake, mostly for mommy (haha!) I found a vanilla pudding baby food substitute that tastes like the cake for her.
She is growing so fast and only gets this time once!

Deveareaux @ 6 months:


Laughing and smiling (she is such a happy baby)
Jumping around in her jumper
Pears, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes & Peas
Cold fruit to gnaw on
Screaming & "Talking" 
Blowing raspberries and spitting
Car rides
Being rocked to sleep by mommy only (haha)
Watching Sesame Street, Super Why, Arthur, baby songs on YouTube and (believe it or not) she loves to watch Jeopardy
Playing with and "eating" the remote control (so her aunt bought her a toy one!)
Literally chewing on & putting EVERYTHING in her mouth
Taking naps
Mommy's singing and all music
Spending time with her grandmother, her "BiBi" 
(and making mommy look bad! She'll cry with me then when her BiBi enters the room, she'll stop. LOL)
Taking baths and splashing in the pool
Taking pictures
Being around people (she's a people baby lol)


Tummy time (though she has started rolling herself over YAY!)
Going to bed at night....still lol
Staying in a wet/dirty diaper for too long. She likes to be changed immediately

A part of me doesn't want her to grow up but then I can't wait to see her little personality continue to shine and the woman she will one day become.
I love my baby girl!

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